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Power Department

Energy Tip

When outside temperatures drop, it’s common to turn up the heat in your home. For some this means adding a space heater to one or more rooms.  As this may seem like a more efficient way to heat your house, a single 1500-watt space heater can add almost $100 to your monthly bill.  If you’re running multiple heaters the costs would be even greater. Next time you want to plug-in a space heater, stop and consider the cost so there is no surprise on your bill.  To calculate the cost of running your space heater you can use this formula:

(Heater Watts x hours used per day x kWh rate) ÷ 1,000 = daily electric rate x 30 days = monthly cost

Example: (1500w x 16hrs x $0.13/kWh) ÷ 1000 = $3.12 daily electric cost   $3.12 X 30 = $93.60/month.        

 –Power Department

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