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Advanced Metering Infrastructure

It’s been said “When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement accelerates”. Advanced Metering Infrastructure, or AMI, is a system that will help us accelerate water conservation. It consists of smart meters and networks that facilitate measuring, collecting, and analyzing water usage. Washington City is transitioning to AMI meters over the coming several months by replacing traditional meters that report usage monthly with smart meters that report in real time. This approach has proven to be beneficial in other communities. The data from each meter will be collected and transmitted wirelessly to utility accounts via towers recently placed throughout the City. At the level of the individual water connection, AMI meters offer enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and labor savings compared to a conventional meter. They also provide much more detailed data about water usage, including the vital function of prompt leak detection.

These meters will help each of us become more water wise by providing detailed consumption information. Imagine looking at your statement and comparing usage month over month or year over year, even at some point having the ability to track it on an app. The implementation of AMI technology, with a modern approach to measuring and reporting water usage, will improve residents’ understanding, awareness, and actions as a critical part of the community’s collective approach to water conservation. This is an exciting step forward that will produce significant long term benefits.

Data shows that 1,000 square feet of grass in our climate uses around 40,000 gallons of water annually. Because grass is such an aggressive consumer of water, Washington City is in the process of replacing what is referred to as “non-functional turf” on City properties with native desertscape. In fact, last year over 22,000 square feet of grass located in places without a defined useful or recreational purpose was replaced. An additional 33,000 square feet is scheduled for removal this year, including sections of turf to be removed on May 19th as part of a state-wide landscape conversion initiative called Flip Blitz. As Mayor, I will be assisting in the removal of these unnecessary grass areas and replacing them with native ground cover, plants, and trees. Consider doing the same at your home or as a group in the common areas of your neighborhood. If you participate in Flip Blitz on May 19th take a picture of your flip from turf to desertscape and post to social media using the hashtags #washingtoncity #flipblitz for a chance to win an annual pass to the Washington City Community Center.  

Water is a limited and vital resource in Washington City. We hope the actions we’re taking as your city leaders demonstrate that we’re working to help ensure a reliable water supply for our future.

-Kress Staheli


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