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Fall Tips

With September upon us, here are some tips for getting ready for Fall:

1. Dont store apples and potatoes together. They will cause potatoes to sprout early.

2. September is a great time to plant container nursery stock.

3. Listen to your TV weather forecaster for frost warnings.

4. Cover tender crops if early frost threatens.

5. Stop dead-heading roses and let hips form.

6. Purchase bulbs from your local nursery.

7. Keep up insect and weed control.

8. Make slug and snail control a fall priority.

9. Seal cracks to keep elm leaf beetles and box elder bugs out of your home.

10. Work mulch into soil before planting bulbs and use a complete fertilizer when planting them.

11. Plant spring bulbs at proper depths; you can also plant pansies with your fall bulbs. The pansies will last all winter long and into the spring.

12. It is a good time to plant trees and shrubs as well as crocus, narcissus, and tulips.

13. Seed a new lawn or lay sod.

14. Cut off all water to fruit trees.

Watering schedule for Southern Utah:

Sept. 27 min every 5 days

Oct. 27 min every 7 days

Nov. 27 min every 10 days

Dec. No irrigation recommended.

Start to enjoy fall and hopefully some cooler temperatures after the middle of the month.

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