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Burn Season Has Started

Burn Season opened on March 1 and runs through May 30th.

Burn permits can be obtained at

Permits are only good for the day entered, burning on subsequent days requires a new permit. If you go to the burn permit page and find this during burn season:

There are currently no districts where burn season is open, please check back later

It means burning has been closed that day. The is usually due to the air clearing index which must be over 500 for burning to be open on a given day. The clearing index is only projected for two days in advance and can be found at Once you enter your information in the permit which will include your name, the address where the burning will take place, phone number (preferably cell) so you can be reached if the need arises, and email address; you will then submit the form.

The information will automatically be sent to the Washington County Dispatch Center as well as the Washington City Fire Department. If you entered an email address a confirmation will be sent to you.

Please follow a few rules while completing your burning project:

-Burn multiple small piles rather than a large one to help keep it controlled.

-Have a water source available.

-Have all fires extinguished prior to sunset.

-Ensure you are able to burn safely and have plenty of distance between what your burning and any other combustible material.

-Do NOT use flammable liquids as they can be very unpredictable and dangerous.

-Be thoughtful of neighbors with the travel of smoke, especially on breezy/windy days.

If you need help or are unsure of anything please contact the Washington City Fire Department

-Washington City Fire Department


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