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Protecting The Reputation of Washington City

The pride we feel in our city is well founded. Washington City is recognized as the leader in most every municipal category throughout the region and state. Washington City has a balanced budget, low taxes, top notch amenities, and is the number one small city in America to start a business. Protecting Washington’s reputation is up to all of us. When disagreements arise we shouldn’t disagree less, rather we should disagree better. We can consider the greater good for our neighborhoods and our community by turning difficult conversations and situations into more rewarding ones. The, “can-do” positive attitudes of leadership, accountability, and courtesy manifests itself throughout the city, from customer service, to our citizens’ quality of life, to dedicated public service.  The city’s reputation and stability drives robust economic development through commercial confidence. The city is on track to see 600 new business licenses this year, as well as over 30 new commercial permits, exceeding the previous two and a half years combined. The past two years WalletHub has ranked Washington City as, “Best Small City” in the U.S. to start a business. Why is this important? 65% of the income to the city is derived from sales tax that in turn directly offsets the need to raise taxes to fund public safety. (WCFD-WCPD) The pride we have in our city, and the respect we show toward one another, will attract  tourism, retail, and commercial development. Maintaining a positive reputation is in everyone’s best interest. Washington City is the best place to live, work, and play. We owe it to our city and those who have come before to keep it this way!

 –Kurt Ivie, Washington City Council


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