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COVID-19 Press Release

Yesterday, the world health organization declared the Covid-19 - Coronavirus - as a worldwide health pandemic. We recognize institutions like the world health organization, the CDC, and the Utah health department as agencies commissioned to protect our health and the public welfare. Washington City emergency management teams have previously met to discuss the city's response to this outbreak. In light of this current declaration however, the city will be instituting additional protective procedures to ensure our citizen's safety.

Within the next few days, and with continued guidance from these health institutions, Washington City will be initiating some changes or restrictions on certain uses at the community center, public events, and/or upcoming celebrations. We will continue to refine our approach to ensure that we disrupt your life in the most minimal way possible but to ensure the greatest safety.

We will proceed with an overabundance of caution and would ask that you stay current to our social media sites as well as signage that may be posted at the community center, City Hall, or other public locations. We are grateful for your responsiveness, cooperation, and patience. We are grateful for each other in this community and the way we always have cared for one another.

-Washington City


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