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Pride In Ownership

As Spring approaches, community members will be spending more time outdoors in our parks and on our trails. We are fortunate to have such beautiful outdoor recreation destinations and amenities in Washington City. With this in mind, Washington City Parks & Recreation reminds you to take pride in these areas by observing established city codes and ordinances. City parks and trails belong to all of us, and it is everyones responsibility to maintain a clean, safe environment at each location.

Chapter 5 of the Washington City Code outlines specific rules and regulations that are designed to keep all residents safe and to have an enjoyable outdoor recreation experience:

1. Dogs and other domesticated animals are not allowed in our public parks. However, Washington City is fortunate to offer a Dog Park, located at 450 South 200 East, and dogs of all shapes and sizes are welcome.

2. Alcohol and drugs are strictly prohibited. This includes the possession, sale, or consumption of any illegal substance. Residents are asked to immediately report any incident involving drugs or alcohol in our public parks.

3. Field Use Permits are required for playing organized team and/or league sports at any of our citys athletic venues. The Parks & Recreation Office is available to assist with the application process.

4. Park pavilions are available for use by all community members for a variety of events to include family reunions, birthday parties, weddings, etc. However, pavilions must be reserved and scheduled by contacting the Parks & Recreation office. A Pavilion Rental Form must be approved and obtained in advance of the reservation. On the date of the rental, the form must be clearly posted and visible on site to avoid potential conflicts.

These are only a few examples of many city ordinances regarding public parks. Washington City residents are encouraged to take pride in ownership by familiarizing themselves with all city ordinances and being compliant with each. As we do so, anyone visiting our parks and utilizing our trail systems will enjoy the safety and the beauty of our community.

For additional information or assistance, please call our Parks & Recreation Office at (435)656-6383, or come visit us personally at our office located inside the Washington City Community Center, 350 N. Community Center Drive.

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