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Empowering Your Electronic Journey: Understanding EV Charging Options

Considering a new electric vehicle, but not sure how you’ll charge it?  Electric Vehicles (EV) are becoming more common with new models arriving almost weekly.  Most electric vehicles can be charged from a standard 120-volt wall socket, however charging this way can take a long time and may not keep up with how often you are using the vehicle.  To avoid having this issue, a homeowner can choose to have a 240-volt charging station or Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE) installed.  When connected to an electric vehicle, an EVSE can turn on/off the electricity to the car safely, report the amount of available electricity, check to ensure there are no electrical problems and provide usage reports.   In addition to charging the EV at home, public charging stations are available all throughout the U.S. and can be located using an app on your smartphone. Proper permitting and code compliance are required for all installations.

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