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13 Winter Energy Saving Tips

Your heating and cooling system is the biggest energy expense in your home, accounting for almost half your total energy costs. The money you spend on utilities rises in the summer and winter months when temperature control sees the highest use.  Fortunately, there are a few simple ways you can reduce your heating costs and save money on your utility bill while still staying warm in the winter.

  1. Let the sun in during the day
  2. Close the curtains at night
  3. Eliminate air leaks and drafts
  4. Close doors and vents in unused rooms
  5. Stay warm with clothes and blankets
  6. Reset your water heater thermostat
  7. Keep air circulating
  8. Safely use a space heater for smaller areas
  9. Choose LED light for your home and decorations
  10. After using the oven leave the door ajar
  11. Lower temperature in your home
  12. Turn the thermostat down when you go to sleep
  13. Get a smart thermostat

Energy saving isn’t just a wintertime activity; these simple tips will save you money all year long. While you wouldn’t want to wear a thick sweater during the summer, insulated curtains, and smart thermostats work equally well in the summer. These tips are just as capable of keeping your home cool in the summer as they are of keeping you warm in winter. Saving energy in winter really is a smart idea for year-round savings.

 –Power Department

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