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Fire Department

Firework Safety

As we approach celebration season, the Washington City Fire Department urges everyone to prioritize safety while enjoying fireworks. Follow these essential guidelines to ensure a fun and accident-free event:

  1. Know the Law: Only use legal fireworks and adhere to local regulations.
  2. Choose a Safe Area: Light fireworks in open spaces, away from buildings and flammable materials. Maintain a safe distance for spectators.
  3. Be Prepared: Keep water or a hose nearby for emergencies.
  4. Handle with Care: Use long-handled lighters, light one firework at a time, and never attempt to relight a dud. Soak duds in water before disposal.
  5. Supervise Children: Never let children handle fireworks. Even sparklers can cause serious burns.
  6. Stay Sober: Avoid alcohol when using fireworks to ensure clear judgment and coordination.
  7. Clean Up: Collect and soak all used fireworks to prevent accidental fires.

Your safety is our priority. Celebrate responsibly and help keep our community safe.

–Fire Department

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