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The topic from Do1Thing.comfor September is Be Informed. Make sure everyone in your household can communicate in a disaster. There are several ways we can stay informed about emergencies in our area. In light of the recent wildfire in the Green Springs area last month, the best way to stay informed is to sign up for the Reverse 911 notification. Citizens can sign up by going to Participating in this system will allow the dispatch center to disseminate information to specific phone numbers in the event of an emergency, rather than a blanket message. Another way to stay informed is to purchase a NOAA emergency weather alert radio. Weather radios can alert you at any time, day or night, to severe weather events, as well as other disasters in the area. A weather radio can be found online for between $30 and $60 dollars. They can be plugged in, be charged by batteries, or using a hand crack. Lastly, you may have neighbors or family members who have trouble hearing, understanding or speaking clearly. They may not be aware of emergency messages, notice emergency alerts or hear sirens or alarms. Knowing the situations of those around us, and making sure they are aware of emergencies, can go a long way in helping those around us stay safe. Stay informed and stay safe as we look forward to cooler weather this fall.

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