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Smart Meter Upgrades

Good news! Washington City is upgrading water meters at all residential single-family homes and some multi-family properties. The new meters are part of a system known as Advanced Metering Infrastructure, or AMI for short. These high-tech water meters (think: smart meters) help us become better stewards of our community’s water.

Here are four ways the new AMI benefits you:

  1. Better customer service: Smart meters automatically transmit your water use directly to the city, proving more timely and accurate readings compared to conventional meters that are read manually. Real-time readings allow city staff to view the meter reading remotely and access your water-use history, providing helpful insight. The smart meters increased accuracy also helps us forecast future water needs.
  2. Greater water conservation: Even in a house full of people, water should not be continuously flowing. Smart meters can detect continuous water flow and send alerts, often avoiding problems before they drive up your water bill. This also reduces water waste throughout our community. AMI allows customers to track water use, making it easier to set personal water budgets and conservation goals. You can even experiment to see the difference certain actions make in your water use.
  3. More sustainable community: AMI helps decrease overall water demand through more efficient use and leak detection. And, because smart meters report data without requiring employees to drive meter-to-meter for visual readings, there are fewer vehicles on the road, reduced air emissions, less fuel consumption, and a reduction in city vehicle maintenance.
  4. Stay on top of your water usage with a convenient customer portal. You can easily monitor your usage and set up notifications for any significant spikes, which could indicate a leak. We’ll provide more information on how to get started with the portal soon, so stay tuned!


 –Water Department

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