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Shared Experiences Can Rekindle A Sense of Unity

I am writing this newsletter on 9/11. Dont know about you, but I distinctly remember where I was on that day of tragedy. Remember how we came together as a country, communities, neighbors, friends and families?

Our strength as a nation(or a community for that matter), comes in our efforts to be unified in all we do. And those who want to divide us, are trying very hard to do so. We must not let this happen. One of our strongest assets, as Americans, is our ability to rally together and come up with solutions that unify us, not tear us apart.

I know from personal experience that when we help others and engage in worthwhile community service projects; we foster a great sense of satisfaction. At a time when our politics seem more focused in tearing us apart, rather than bringing us together, those shared experiences can rekindle a sense of unity that made America the strongest nation in the world.

Patriotism is back......................Make a Difference

-Kenneth Neilson


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