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Washington City Continues To Operate With Business And Service Adjustments

Please refer to WashingtonCity.organd utilize the red alert banner at the top of the screen for existing information.All departments continue to function with guidance from City leadership. Critical staff has been separated into multiple teams for future redundancy strictly observing CDC social distancing guidelines and many staff are working remotely where applicable. While the WCCC is shutdown for the foreseeable future, staff is being utilized in other areas of the city. Some will be helping to clean parks, trails, and buildings, and others will be utilized to help direct the public as they arrive at buildings; keeping the public out of city offices while still accomplishing business needs. For specific department information emailing or calling is always welcome. Please remember while COVID-19 may possibly not be serious to many of the population for others it will be life threatening. Please be kind and patient as these adjustments take place and utilize WashingtonCity.orgfor information needs; remember to utilize the search feature.

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