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Im sure many of you are happy to say good riddance to 2020 with the hope of a return to normalcy in 2021. We look forward to better economic finances, the return of activities/events, the ability to travel, and most importantly the assurance that you and your family are safe. While we are blessed to live in the best part of the country, it hasnt been without trials and serious impact to many of our residents lives, and for that I am very sorry. The most promising development to achieve a return to normal in 2021 is the development of a COVID-19 vaccine that has been in development from the onset of the virus. There are two manufacturers of the Coronavirus vaccine. This vaccine is easier to produce and can be produced in larger quantities than traditional vaccines. They work by stimulating antibodies, which in turn, prime the body to combat the virus or bacteria should it enter our systems. Im sure you are wondering who will get the first doses. A phased approach has been implemented to remedy the limited initial quantities. The first to get the injections were the front line medical personnel at Dixie Regional Medical Center that work with COVID-19 patients. The next will be first responders and remaining healthcare workers. From January to March, long term care and essential workers, such as, food services, utilities and transportation will be eligible. Its estimated that by April persons in the high risk category, such as, teachers and those over 65 years of age would get their dose. It is thought that the supplies will support the general population to any Utahn that wants the vaccine by as early as May. Many of us wonder if the vaccine will be forced upon us. Local, State and Federal policy makers have indicated that vaccinations will not be mandatory. It is more likely that a private organization or company will require you to be vaccinated. Civil liberties are individual rights protected by law that allow individuals to research and decide for themselves. I, personally, have great confidence in our residents and their ability to make the right decision for themselves. Due regard for others is our way regardless of the topic. Thank you,

Kurt Ivie, Washington City Council

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