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Fall/Winter Tips

1. To prevent winter damage to roses, put mulch about six inches deep around the stems after the ground has cooled off.

2. To protect roses from snowfall, prune overly long rose canes by half.

3. Fertilize your lawn, fall feeding is the most important of the year.

4. Pansies do best if planted in the fall.

5. After killing frost, remove dead plant and debris from annualand vegetable garden.

6. Lower pond plants deep in the water, below freeze line.

7. Mow lawn short for winter.8. Rake leaves and add to garden soil.

9. Diseased aspen leaves should be raked up and destroyed.

10. Drain gasoline from engines and change oil.

11. Store summer flowering bulbs in a cool dry place.

12. Disconnect hoses and drain.

13. Do not store bruised fruit.

Parks & Recreation

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