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Before I moved to Washington City, I was in a book club for years with some great men that I have the pleasure of calling my friends. Many times when we would meet, discussing the book took a backseat to other more pressing topics. Sometimes those conversations were about the City and issues that affect people’s lives. I knew that decisions I helped make for the City would have to be explained and justified to our residents, including my book club friends. A good local government is responsive. Even with the rapid growth happening in Washington City, we want to make sure we continue to be available and responsive to you, our residents. Recently, we added a new email address - - to allow our residents to tell us how things are going in the community and receive a response. We added this new address to the front page of the website, and we receive daily messages from residents letting us know how things are going for them in Washington. Feel free to send us an email to let us know any issues you are having, what is working well, and what things you like and appreciate about your community. I will use some of the feedback I receive from you in future newsletter articles. My challenge to you is if you bring an issue, also let us know something that you love about Washington City. I look forward to hearing from you and responding.        

-Jeremy Redd

City Manager

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