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Today, there are more than 400 correlational studies that show improved health benefits related to time spent in nature. These relationships, in which trees play an important role, add another dimension to the importance of urban forestry. They are an essential component of a sustainable, healthy environment for all who live in American cities of all sizes. A few examples of how trees affect human health are the following:


The eco-benefits that come from filtering air and water pollutants and reducing heat through providing shade.


Provides settings that encourage people to engage in walking, jogging and other outdoor activities.


By providing inviting places that promote social interaction and a sense of belonging as in our beautiful parks around the city.


The result of reducing stress and helping people restore their cognitive functions and ability to cope with the demands of life.


Studies have found that workers with windows looking out at green elements were more satisfied at work and had more patience, less frustration, increased enthusiasm for work and fewer health problems.


There is a huge impact on the idea that healing power of nature is real. It was discovered that patients who could see trees and green landscape spent 8.5 percent fewer post-operative days in hospital and needed fewer pain-killing medicines than patients viewing a brick wall outside of their windows.


Exposure to nature while pregnant can reduce stress levels. Stress in pregnant women is known to be harmful to the developing fetus and can increase the probability of underweight birth.

The conclusion is that there is definitely an important link identified by the research. Whatever the explanation, the bottom line is that trees are involved. It is one more piece of evidence that trees are important to public health.

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