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2020 - 2021 Anticipated Budget

As it is budget season here in the City, I thought I would share with you the effects we anticipate from the COVID pandemic on our 2020-2021 budget. Because of this disasters unprecedented nature, it isnt easy getting good predictions and forecasts of the overall economic impact for our community. We have looked at what data there is, done our analysis, and conservatively forecasted our expectations. As we are required by law to keep a balanced budget, a reduction in revenue expectations also means cuts to expenses and limitations on growth. We anticipate several budget openings for the upcoming fiscal year, to make necessary adjustments as more reliable and actual collections are received. We primarily expect lowered revenues in sales tax, gas tax, and building-related revenues (i.e. building permits, impact fees, etc.). Overall we have reduced these fund areas by 30% ($6.5 million). We are confident, however, that due to the structure of our tax base and high demand for our area, Washington City will be less impacted and have a faster recovery than other regions. We will continue to manage every dollar we have with the utmost care and for the greatest benefit of the community.

-Roger Carter

City Manager

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