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In October’s newsletter, I referenced a book in which the author briefly mentioned our cyber vulnerabilities. Some internet problems affect many people, like when Facebook and Instagram went down in October. These problems are usually resolved within a few hours. Similarly, the internet connection to our homes may go out for brief periods of time. Again, this is a minor inconvenience and is usually resolved quickly. However, when cyber criminals target our infrastructure, the problems can compound quickly. The April, 2021 cyber-attack on the Colonial Pipeline resulted in a fuel shortage on the east coast for nearly a week. Cyber criminals have also attacked healthcare companies and government agencies. On a personal level, we need to be careful about opening unknown or unsolicited emails and accompanying attachments, or giving out passwords. Beyond that, we have little control over national events and cyber criminals. Our best defense is to have our personal information printed on paper and stored in our emergency preparedness binder, including copies of all insurance information, banking records, medical histories and family contacts. In addition to the cyber issues mentioned, our vulnerability to supply chain problems is becoming increasingly apparent. Maintaining a well-rounded emergency preparedness toolbox, including a minimum two-week supply of food, water and medications, and a full tank of gas, will be our best defense against the peaks and valleys of inventory fluctuations, no matter the source. Stay prepared and have a great holiday season.

–Ward Symes

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