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Council’s Corner

Shaping The Future

One of the most exciting aspects of Washington City is the active involvement of the young citizens, who are making a real difference in shaping the future of their city. Recently, the Washington City Youth Council had the opportunity to participate in several important events and meetings, including a meeting with Governor Cox at the state capital. The Youth Council, made up of students from local high schools, is an integral part of Washington City’s civic life, working to engage young people in local issues and empowering them to make a difference in their community. The meeting with the governor was a unique opportunity for the Youth Council to share their thoughts and ideas with a leader who has the power to make a real impact. During the meeting, the governor spoke about the importance of youth engagement in local government and praised the Youth Council for their hard work and dedication to making a positive difference in Washington City. In addition to the meeting with the governor, the Youth Council has been involved in a number of other important events and initiatives in recent months. For example, they helped to organize the Dog Gone Fun Run held at Staheli Family Farm (another gem in the city). Overall, the Washington City Youth Council is an important part of what makes Washington City such a wonderful place to live. Their energy, enthusiasm, and dedication to making a positive difference are an inspiration to us all, and we look forward to seeing all the great things they will accomplish in the future.

 –Ben Martinsen, Washington City Council


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