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Community Focused Policing

I would like to wish all Washington City residents a happy new year! This month is a time for planning, preparation, and goal setting. One of my goals as Mayor is to ensure that Washington City remains a safe and prosperous place to live, work, and recreate in 2023. This goal cannot be achieved without engaged citizens and a community focused police department. I’m grateful for the Washington City Police Department (WCPD) and its commitment to building and maintaining strong relationships within our community to ensure public safety.

Community focused policing plays an integral part in keeping our schools safe. The youth of our community are extremely important and we want them to have a positive relationship with those providing public safety. A student’s ability to interact with law enforcement and build trust is invaluable. In Washington City it starts in elementary schools, where officers visit and build relationships through interactions like reading with students during Dr. Seuss Week, teaching “stranger danger” in classrooms, and participating in Red Ribbon assemblies and Patriot Day celebrations. Police officers are always close by our elementary schools, and on call to be there quickly in an emergency situation.

Washington Fields Intermediate School, Crimson Cliffs Middle School, and Crimson Cliffs High School each have an on-site, full-time, School Resource Officer (SRO). These highly trained officers are there each school day, know the faculty and students by name, and are a part of almost every event at their assigned school. Many small issues are addressed early, before they become large; and behavior is improved preventatively by the skill, care, and individual attention given.

The WCPD has even expanded its efforts on campus with school resource officers teaching an Introduction to Law Enforcement class at the high school. Additionally, local police agencies have partnered with the Washington County School District to provide student internship opportunities for those interested in making law enforcement a career.

Another area where the WCPD has placed emphasis is preventing drug trafficking and distribution. Our police department is taking a hard stance to prevent life-destroying and crime-increasing drugs from entering our community. Last year officers seized millions of dollars in illegal narcotics through traffic stops along I-15 and other parts of the city. K-9’s and handlers contributed greatly to this success.

Each of these traffic stops disrupts the drug trafficking process and reduces the possibility of our loved ones, neighbors, and friends being affected by these substances. The WCPD has developed crucial partnerships with federal agencies who assist in keeping our community free from the dangers of illegal drugs.

As a community, we must share a common goal of keeping Washington City safe and prosperous. I’m grateful for the community focused approach of the WCPD. I see first hand our dedicated police officers working diligently to serve and protect residents. Along with the City Council, I support them fully in their efforts.

When you see our police officers around town, please show them the respect, courtesy, and gratitude they deserve. They, along with their families and loved ones, serve and sacrifice much for the safety and prosperity we enjoy.

-Kress Staheli


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