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Transportation Master Plan

We often have some interesting questions and engaging discussions with our citizens regarding streets in the community. Street planning, design, and construction represent a significant service that a community needs to provide. The complaint most often heard from our citizens is that streets are becoming too busy and too noisy. We have to remind residents that the primary purpose of roads is to convey traffic, with all that comes along with that. Most of our streets are residential streets and, as such, are relatively quiet and low traveled. However, we also have minor and major arterial streets that are intended to be higher speed and convey more substantial amounts and type of traffic. It is vital that our roads are connected, so the community stays connected. This connectivity will inevitably result in increased traffic and noise on all of our streets as we grow. We appreciate that city street serve as training grounds for future bicyclists, neighborhood basketball courts, and expanded resident use areas and, we are comfortable with that as long as these additional uses are done safely and with the understanding that streets are built to move cars. I encourage you to review our Transportation Master Plan and learn more about this important element of our community.

Roger Carter

City Manager

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