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Holiday Safety Tips

Each year the Holiday Season brings families and friends together in a festive spirit. Holidays should be happy times and create wonderful memories. During this special time Washington City Fire Department wishes the very best to you and yours. Here are a few safety tips to help keep our community safe.

Kitchen Safety: Cooking is a leading cause of residential fires. Never leave stoves or ovens unattended while cooking. Most kitchen fires occur while the cook is out of the kitchen. Every kitchen should be equipped with an operational fire extinguisher. Turkey fryers should be limited to outdoors and away from combustible decks or patio covers.

Christmas Trees:Trees can be a significant fuel source for any fire. Choosing an artificial tree made of flame resistant material can substantially reduce the risk of fire. If you plan to use a live tree, remember live trees should be kept well watered; check the water level and replenish every day. Do not place trees near heater vents or return ducts. Cut trees should not be kept indoors for extended periods of time.

Decorations:Choose decorations that are flame resistant or treat them with a flame retardant product. Trees may also be sprayed with flame retardant material. Avoid using pine boughs or straw indoors.

Holiday Travel:Keep your car full of gas and carry extra food and blankets. Avoid driving when conditions are poor. Do not drink and drive and always wear seat belts.

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