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Incident Involving Bikers During Ironman

Washington City – On the morning of October 29, two adult male bikers were given emergency assistance related to an incident that occurred at the intersection of Telegraph Street and Slow Creek Lane in Washington City. A 68 year old female named Diana Linford was traveling westbound on Telegraph Street where she made a right turn, into the raceway, in an attempt to enter onto Slow Creek Lane. The driver stopped in the raceway where her vehicle was struck by two adult males on bikes. The two adult males were treated on scene by the Washington City Police Department, the Washington City Fire Department, Gold Cross Ambulance, and The Hurricane Valley Fire District. Both males were transported to St. George Regional Hospital for further treatment where they remain today.

The incident was investigated by the Metro Critical Crash Team. Two Drug Recognition Experts found the driver to be impaired due to illegal substance abuse. The driver was arrested for driving under the influence.

The details of the incident are still under review by medical professionals and local authorities. Our prayers, concern, and thoughts are with the athletes and their families during this difficult time. We encourage residents to be mindful when large events come to our community and to practice caution when roads are closed and traffic patterns change. It is never acceptable to drive while under the influence of illegal substances.

As this incident is still under investigation, no further information will be released at this time.


Washington City Public Affairs Officer: Jordan Hess,

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