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Do1Thing.comfor May focuses on the safety plans and policies in our childrens schools and our places of employment. In this time of seclusion, this particular portion of Do1Thing may not apply right now since all schools and non-essential businesses are temporarily closed. In time, current restrictions will be lifted, reopening our schools and businesses. When that happens, we should become familiar with any new policies that may have changed or been upgraded.

Schools have policies in place for emergencies. Students may be instructed to shelter in place, to evacuate the building or possibly leave school grounds. Schools should have a plan for reuniting children and parents outside of normal drop-off and pick-up times. Be familiar with your childrens school plan and take responsibility for your part in it. Businesses should also have a general plan for the accountability of their employees, a meeting place away from the building should an emergency occur and a way of contacting all employees in an emergency.

Given recent events, we have a better idea of what a pandemic looks like and how many aspects of our lives can quickly change. We should continue to prepared for unforeseen events in a calm and consistent manner, using whatever system you feel is best for you and your family. We should maintain a mindset of preparedness, not panic. Please refer to Do1Thing.comfor more information.

EMS week is May 17-23, 2020. Lets be thankful for everyone in our emergency medical service; EMTs, paramedics and firefighters, who serve their communities every day with dedication and professionalism. We live in a great part of the state and the country. Lets have a great spring.

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