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My Holiday Wish For Each of You

Happy December and Merry Christmas! A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit the Ardennes Forest in Belgium. I looked over the towns of Bastogne and Foy and pondered upon the place that so many young Americans gave their lives to repel the final counter-offensive of the Nazi army. That was December 1944. In my mind, I could see these cold, courageous boys as they lay in their foxholes, freezing, scared, homesick, and discouraged. How grateful I am that, in spite of the circumstances, they never gave up. I hope always to remember this historical moment during difficult days ahead. My holiday wish for each of you, whether you are counting your good fortune this year or discouraged about your situation and future, is peace and encouragement. This month marks the transition between the harvest and the renewal. I love these words by Krista OReilly There is wisdom in each season, death and birth, winter and springtime...Ive learned not to panic in the winter season; this is where I put down roots that anchor me. And I have learned, in the seasons of light, to silence the voice of my inner critic so I can step through fear into purposeful action...One season isnt better than the other. They are both necessary and work together to build a beautiful life that is so much more than enough.May you all enjoy a month of family, friends, peace, and happiness.

-Roger Carter

City Manager

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