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Mayor’s Message

Supporting The Children’s Justice Center

For the past two years, Washington City and the City of St. George have ignited a new rivalry, on the football field. This isn’t your typical showdown between two teams; it’s the Money Good Flag Football Game, where players from city police and fire departments, community members, and local athletes take the field for a charitable cause. The stakes are high, as Mayor Randall and myself each want to display the coveted traveling trophy at our respective city halls. Beyond the friendly banter, and thrill of competition, the real victory lies in the community spirit and the invaluable support rendered to the Washington County Children’s Justice Center.

So far, each team has claimed victory in one game, but the ultimate winners are undoubtedly the children and families served by the Justice Center. This remarkable institution stands as a beacon of hope and support for children who have experienced abuse or trauma. The center provides a safe space for forensic interviews, medical examinations, therapy sessions, and other crucial services aimed at facilitating healing and obtaining justice for these young survivors.

The event raises funds and awareness for this crucial organization in filling the critical roles of protecting children, advancing justice, promoting healing, and educating our community. The Washington County Children’s Justice Center is a homelike, child-friendly facility where children who have been victims of abuse or other crimes can begin the road to healing. It is also a vital resource for the Washington City Police Department as a safe place where victims can receive professional services and support, while law enforcement and the legal system fulfill their important roles.

It’s estimated that an astounding 1 in 7 children in Utah experience sexual abuse before adulthood. As our community grows, the Justice Center is undergoing a much-needed expansion that will increase its capacity to help more children through difficult and traumatizing times in their lives. The significance of this game extends far beyond the gridiron. It symbolizes the unity and solidarity of two neighboring cities, coming together for a common cause. Together we envision breaking cycles of abuse, empowering victims to have a voice, and helping them to become healthy survivors. Together we advocate for awareness and resources. Washington City and the City of St. George are proud to be on the Justice Center’s team by lacing up our cleats for this vital cause.

Be sure to mark your calendars and join us for a fun evening of meaningful flag football. The countdown has already begun for the third contest, scheduled to take place at Dixie High School on Friday, April 5th, at 6 pm. Admission is $2 per person at the gate. There will be additional opportunities to donate at the game, with matching funds from local businesses. Let’s unite in our support for the Children’s Justice Center. Together we can all make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who need it most. Let’s make this year’s Money Good Flag Football Game the best one yet, as we tackle challenges and score victories both on and off the field.

-Kress Staheli


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