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Council’s Corner

A Time For Reflection

Washington City Residents,

The holiday season is upon us. This is a time for reflection on years gone by. This past year has been a busy one in Washington City. We are a growing community and there is a lot going on. Looking back on the past, the growth and the addition of many new community members we have received is astounding. Washington City has grown from 8,000 community members in the year 2000 to over 31,000 community members today. This is significant growth. The exciting thing about this growth are all the new friends and family who have become a part of our lives. With all the negativity we see in today’s society, the next time you are frustrated with a community member/neighbor, stop to think that maybe there is something else going on in their lives. Rather than react negatively, reach out and see if you can help. As a city we encourage our residents to get out this holiday season and be neighborly.

 –Craig Coats, Washington City Council


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