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Gardening Tips

1. Water lawns 1 1/2 per week

2. Watch for grasshoppers, potato beetles, and squash bugs.

3. Its a good time to plant evergreens, shrubs, and trees.

4. Thin out fruit trees for a better yield.

5. Control powdery mildew on apples, apricots, cherries, peaches, nectarines, grapes, peas, roses, and spindle tree.

6. Control peach twig borer once a month with spinosad.

7. Good time to plant carrots, and endive.

8. Summer prune: apples and pears.

9. Fertilize lawns and apply iron sulfate if needed.

10. Move and replant bulbs now if the foliage has died down.

11. Fertilize flowering shrubs after pruning.

12. Let garden soil dry between waterings.

13. Water carefully and mow lawn 2 1/2 high.

14. As summer temperatures rise, dont overfertilize cool season turf grasses.

Get out and enjoy the wonderful Southern Utah Weather.

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