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Power Department

House Numbers Are Important

Why are visible house numbers so important? They are not only important for emergency personnel, they are also important to other agencies that are needing to come to your home. Here are a few simple ways to properly display your address:

  1. Numbers must be at least 3-4 inches tall and reflective so they can be seen at night. They should be placed at the front entrance or at a certain location that is easily visible from the street. Numbers should be Arabic numerals such as plain block numbers.
  2. Remove any landscaping which may be obstructing your address such as; shrubs, tree branches, flowers, etc.
  3. If your house is not visible from the street you can post numbers on a sign, or pole so they can be clearly seen from the street. If you have a curb at the end of your driveway you can paint the house number to reflect so it can be seen.
  4.  If you have a mailbox out in front of your house you can post the house number on both sides to reflect.

Do a test and drive past your house and see if your house number is visible from the street. Washington City has safety always in mind for its residents and the families who call this place home.

 –Power Department

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