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Washington Dam Road from 1900 East to SR-7 / Southern Parkway.

Purpose and Need

With the continued growth in the City alternate routes need to be improved for the movement of traffic in and out of the area. Project is on the City Transportation Master Plan 2014

Project Description

The project will include, Replacing and upsizing the existing water line to meet future needs, Installing sewer trunkline, Improving storm drainage and reconstructing and widening the road to a 5 lane minor arterial.


Design: Currently underway

Construction : Commencing November 15, 2021

Completion: 6 Months from start of construction


01/17/21 Project is in design. We anticipate construction this spring with a completion in the early May 2022

11/12/21 Project will start  Monday November 15, 2021 and will begin at S 1900 East. Please anticipate delays and find alternate routes

11/18/21 Traffic control will be extended out from S 1900 E to Granada Royale to install sewer main lines on Washington Dam Rd

11/30/21 Temporary traffic signal will be moved up to Country way. Sewer and Storm Drain work will continue from Granada Royale to Country Way on Southside. Please do not block intersections at Country Way.  Road milling to begin 12/1 up to traffic light at Country Way.

12/15/21 Construction on storm drain has begun on 1900 E going East. Beginning Monday 12/20 there will be an additional lane closure to the East of existing lane closure. Please allow additional time for travel or find alternate routes.

12/29/2021 Storm drain construction is continuing. Water Line will begin first week of January 2022.

1/5/2021 Construction is continuing this week. Expect delays and please slow down and use caution while driving through the construction zone for the safety of the workers and yourself.

2/4/2022 New waterline has been completed from 1900 E to Country Way. Continuing waterline and storm drain construction on East side of project. Will be running water line under SR 7 starting next week. Expect delays and road closures.

2/17/2022 Extending East lane closer to Southern Parkway. Installation of water line services close to completion. Will continue storm drain crossing so expect traffic pattern shifts. Please be mindful of traffic signals and lane shifts.

3/2/2022 Preparation underway for installation of curb and gutters from 1900 E to Country Way.

3/17/2022 Traffic pattern has shifted to two lanes from 1900 E to Country Way. Water line is almost completed. WIll continue working on the storm drain. curb and gutter installation will begin soon on the northside of Washington Dam Rd from 1900 E to Country Way

3/30/2022 Traffic Pattern has shifted back to one lane from Country Way to Long Valley Rd. Pouring curb and gutter on the Northside of Washington Dam rd from 1900 E to Country Way. Please slow down and obey traffic signals. Expect extended Delays.

5/5/22 Temporary traffic signal has moved to the East, shortening the wait time. Curb and gutter is being installed on the North side of the road from Country Way to the end of the five lane section. Asphalt will be installed on that section within the next week.

5/13/22 Curb and gutter is completed along with the remaining utilities. Paving is scheduled for Thursday the 19 on the North half of the road from Country Way to the bottom of the hill.

5/18/22 Paving is continuing from Country Way to the hill. Sidewalk has started at 1900 E. Please drive carefully through the construction zone.

6/2/22 The first lift of asphalt on the entire road will be completed today. Sidewalks will continue being placed as the contractor can get materials. After the sidewalk is complete the second loft of asphalt will be placed. Please continue to follow the posted speed limits for the safety of the public as well as the workers.

6/15/22 The second lift of asphalt is scheduled for Friday and will take a few days to complete. Striping the road will follow shortly after the asphalt. Construction will continue after the striping so please follow all of the traffic control.

6/16/22 Traffic patterns will be shifting to accommodate the paving operations. The temporary traffic signals will be reinstalled to complete this process. Please obey the traffic signals to avoid conflicts

 with the workers as well as oncoming traffic.

7/1/22 Paving and striping are completed. Sidewalk will be completed at the beginning of next week. Please be aware that there are still people working on the roadway and the speed limit is posted at 25 until completion of the project.

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