Main Street Flood Control Project

Project Description:

Over the last few years there have been a few large rainfall events on the Main Street drainage basin that have caused significant runoff events and flooding along Main Street. The two most recent flooding events occurred on July 13, 2018 and August 11, 2018.

Washington City hired Bowen Collins & Associates (BC&A) to analyze the existing storm drainage system within the Main Street drainage basin and develop recommendations for infrastructure improvements to mitigate this flooding along Main Street. Preliminary flood mitigation alternatives were presented to the Washington City Council in a work meeting on August 21, 2018.

At the meeting the City Council requested the BC&A evaluate the following three flood mitigation alternatives further:

  • Alternative 1 – Construct new detention basins at Main Street and Buena Vista Blvd
  • Alternative 2 – Construct road and storm drain improvements along Main Street
  • Alternative 3 – Construct a new flood channel from the intersection of Main Street and Buena Vista Blvd to Mill Creek

This project addresses recommendations from Alternative 2 and includes reconstruction of Main Street to prevent local storm event flooding south of I-15. The project will use the existing Main Street right-of-way to incorporate curb and gutter, inlets to storm drain pipelines, sidewalks, and modifications to the existing roadway cross-section.  The City held a public open house and received comments regarding the proposed project on April 4.  A link showing the concept of the selected road cross-section is below.



Design Completion: November 2019

Construction Start: January 2020

Construction Complete: June 2020

Project Information:

Exhibits-MAIN 6-18-2019-1.pdf - (pdf 11.04 MB)

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