Washington City Building Department

Permit Submittal Requirements for New Residential Construction

  1. Building Permit Application completed and signed. Form available online at https://washingtoncity.org/development/building

  1. 2 complete sets of engineered plans - 1 large set (24 x 36) and one 11 x 17(see next page for a list of what a complete set of plans includes). NOTE: PERMIT SUBMITTALS FOR NEW RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION WILL NOT BE PROCESSED WITHOUT THE 11 X 17 SET OF PLANS.

  1. 2 copies of current Res-Check - Utah Edition - the Res-Check can be found on-line at: https://energycode.pnl.gov/REScheckWeb/index.html

  1. Pad Certification with Soils Engineer Stamp

  1. Completed Stormwater NOI - form available online at https://washingtoncity.org/development/building

  1. 2 sets of Structural Calcs

  1. 2 sets of engineered Truss details and layout

  1. Engineer of Record stamped letter regarding truss calcs verifying review of truss engineering and their conformance with submitted plans

  1. Completed Water Conservancy Impact Fee application or receipt. If the impact fees have not been paid, please have someone from the building department verify lot and meter size and stamp and sign the form for you when you are dropping off your permit submittal. The receipt is required prior to permit issuance. Form available online at https://washingtoncity.org/development/building.

  1. Encroachment Permit Application including an 8.5 x 11 site plan for the driveway approach curb cut. The encroachment permit fee will be included on the permit invoice. Call Public Works at 435-656-6317 for additional information or to schedule a driveway approach inspection. Form available online at https://washingtoncity.org/development/building.

A Complete set of plans for New Residential Construction includes:

  1. Cover sheet identifying (a) type of construction square footages of each floor, garage, covered patios and covered decks.

  1. Site Plan showing (a) how building is located on lot, (b)drainage, (c) required setbacks, (d) all buildings on lot (e) any easement on lot, (f) location of all utilities on lot (g)any proposed retaining walls and fences,(h) North Arrow (i)pad and lot elevations.

  1. Footing plan showing all details

  1. Plumbing Plan

  1. Mechanical Plan (a) Identify building Thermo Envelope and Identify how air leakage (mandatory) requirements will be met. (i.e table 402.4.1.1 and duct testing or blower door testing).show locations of furnaces and access

  1. Electrical plan (show service location and size)

  1. Wall section

  1. Construction details

  1. Stamped structural drawings

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