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Permit Submittal Requirements\Information for New Single Family Residential Construction:

  1. Log in to the Builder Account on the City Inspect system to begin a new application process.
  2. Complete all required fields on permit application.

  1. Edit permit page:  
  1. Select “Single Family” for permit type
  2. Make sure you add contacts for everyone you want to have access to the permit for inspections, including name, email address and phone number.  
  1. Builder information page:  
  1. Complete all information for Engineer, Builder and Subcontractors including Washington City Business License number for Builder and all Subcontractors.  Contact the Washington City Recorder’s office directly for Business Licensing.  You can call (435) 656-6308 or email
  1. Building information page - complete all applicable information in the fields provided
  1. Permit Files\Attachments:
  1. Site Plan - upload single page site plan only
  2. Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)\Notice of Intent (NOI):  Required only for Single Plan lots, if the property is a Common Plan Development with a NOI - do not upload anything in this field.  Note:  Contact Public Works at (435) 656-6317 if you have questions. For Single Plan Lots upload State N.O.I.
  3. SWPPP (Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan):  Required only for Single Plan lots, if the property is a Common Plan Development with a NOI - do not upload anything in this field.  Note:  Contact Public Works at (435) 656-6317 if you have questions. For Single Plan Lots upload completed SWPPP form.
  4. IFC-IECC (Blower Door):  Provide information on how this will be done for this permit.
  5. Encroachment Permit Application:  Attach completed form for all single family permits. Make sure to sign the bottom of the form where it says ‘Applicant’.  
  6. Permit Plans - Upload architectural drawings only.
  7. Structural Plans:  Upload stamped structural drawings only.
  8. Pad Certification:  Upload completed and engineer stamped form.
  9. Washington County Water Conservancy District (WCWCD) Form:  Upload completed WCWCD form or receipt.  If fees have not been paid, we will verify the lot and meter size when application is received and email to the builder.
  10. ResCheck:  Upload full completed ResCheck.  Signature is required on the signature page.  Click here to complete.
  11. Structural Calculations:  Upload complete structural calculations for this property.
  12. Truss Design Verification from Engineer:  Upload Engineer of Record stamped letter regarding truss calculations verifying review of truss engineering and their conformance with submitted plans.
  13. Truss Layout Sheet:  Upload engineered truss layout
  14. Truss Packet:  Upload engineered truss details
  15. Additional Documents:  Use these fields to upload any additional documents needed for this permit.  If there are none, these fields should be left blank.
  1. When all information has been completed and all plan requirements uploaded, click ‘Submit Permit’.

A Complete set of plans for New Single Family Construction includes:

  1. Cover sheet identifying (a) type of construction square footages of each floor, garage, covered patios and covered decks.


  1. Site Plan showing (a) how building is located on lot, (b) drainage, (c) required setbacks, (d) all buildings on lot (e) any easement on lot, (f) location of all utilities on lot (g) any proposed retaining walls and fences,(h) North Arrow (i) pad and lot elevations.


  1. Footing plan showing all details


  1. Plumbing Plan

  1. Mechanical Plan (a) Identify building Thermal Envelope and Identify how air leakage (mandatory) requirements will be met. (i.e table 402.4.1.1 and duct testing or blower door testing).show locations of furnaces and access


  1. Electrical plan (show service location and size)


  1. Wall section


  1. Construction details

  1. Stamped structural drawings


  1. Blower Door Test
  2. Soils Compliance Letter
  3. Insulation Certification
  4. Stucco Certification
  5. Termite Certification

Note:  All five certifications are required to be uploaded to the Building Permit before Certificate of Occupancy (CO) can be released.  Please upload to the section titled “Attachments for Review”

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