All Commercial\Industrial building permits are required to complete the Pre-Submittal Process prior to submitting complete building plans for the building Permit. Please contact the Building Department at 435-656-6326 to begin the Pre-Submittal process. The Commercial Pre-submittal Packet is available online at: washingtoncity.org/downloads/building/CommercialPreSubmittalPacketWashingtonCity.pdf

Current Codes are 2018 IBC, 2018 IMC, 2018 IPC, 2017 NEC, 2018 IFCI, 2018 IECC

With Utah State Amendments

  1. Completed and approvedWashington City Commercial Building Permit Pre-submittal Information form. NOTE: Commercial\Industrial building permit submittals will not be accepted without this item.

  1. Completed Building Permit Application (applications missing any information will not be accepted)

  1. WCWCD impact fee receipt (Public Works verifies meter size and stamps and signs form).

  1. (2) complete sets of engineered plans - one full size and one 11 x 17

A complete set of plans includes the following:

(Use the checkboxes to verify each item included in plans or write N/A if not applicable)

1.SITE PLAN - Stamped and approved by Public Works, Fire and Community Development (this is done during the pre-submittal process.)

  • Recommended scale: = 10
  • Topographical plot plans for sloped lots
  • Lot dimensions
  • Building footprint with dimensions to all property lines and/or other buildings
  • North arrow
  • Easements or other lot restrictions that may apply
  • All parking
  • Show location of handicapped parking spaces with their access aisles and curb ramps, as well as any other ramps on the site
  • Handicapped access to the building from the public way
  • Location of any and all retaining walls

2.TITLE PAGE must contain all of the following information:

  • Building occupancy classification(s)
  • Building construction type
  • Building square footage (gross and each individual occupancy classification)
  • Building Height
  • Occupant load
  • Sprinklered/Unsprinklered
  • Allowable building area
  • Area increases used
  • Allowable exit travel distance and common path of egress travel if applicable
  • Actual exit travel distance and common path of egress travel if applicable
  • Statement of special inspections


  • Recommended scale 1/4 = 10
  • Footings, foundation, piers and grade beams
  • Post and girder intersections


  • Recommended scale 1/4 = 10
  • Architectural plan fully dimensioned and labeled for each floor
  • Each room labeled as to its use, square footage, occupant load and occupant load factor
  • Exit plan labeled and dimensioned from each space to exit discharge


  • Recommended scale 1/4 = 10
  • Identify finish material to be used
  • Indicate finish grade location at exterior of building

6.STRUCTURAL AND ARCHITECTURAL DETAILS- include all applicable from the following:

  • Roof connections, to include roof to wall connections, eaves, overhangs, rake and gables
  • Floor connections to include slab to wood, slab to steel, floor to wall, etc.
  • Handrails, guards and support details
  • Structural framing details
  • Suspended ceiling details
  • Cross sections in each direction
  • Special inspection requirements


  • Foundation plans to include footings, foundation with reinforcing steel requirements
  • Floor framing plans
  • Roof framing plans
  • Shear wall plans
  • Masonry or concrete construction details


  • Roof framing with truss layout plans to match
  • Complete truss details for each truss
  • Truss engineer to specify truss hangers for truss to truss connections
  • Engineer of record to specify hanger requirements for truss to beam and truss to wall connections
  • Engineer of record to review and approve in writing the truss plans and layout prior to submission for building permit or fabrication of trusses

9.HVAC PLAN- include all applicable from the following:

  • Location of all HVAC equipment
  • Duct location and layout for supply and return air
  • Smoke\fire dampers locations if applicable
  • Size of all HVAC equipment
  • Gas line drawing to include input ratings in BTUs for all equipment
  • Energy code compliance check (COM CHECK) .

10.PLUMBING LAYOUT- include all supply and drainage piping

  • Location of water heater(s)
  • Sewer connection location
  • Grease, oils and sand interceptors with sizing calculations and approvals
  • Location and type of backflow prevention device


  • Panel size(s) and locations
  • Outlet layout
  • Switching layout and lighting layout
  • Energy code compliance check.
  • Method of light support in suspended ceiling
  • Label GFCI\AFCI outlets as required


  • Minimum two (2) wet stamped, wet signed copies of all structural calculations


  • Two (2) complete sets of fire sprinkler plans to be submitted for Fire Department review and approval
  • Show location and detail for bracing and seismic requirements
  • Show riser detail
  • Show electrical information and requirements


  • Define all handicap access features for new construction per current IBC and ANSI A-117.1
  • Include elevations for all accessible elements in restrooms
  • Include elevations of all signs, both inside and outside of the building
  • For remodeling and tenant improvements - the area of improvement shall comply with the access requirements for new construction. An accessible route of travel will be required to the remodeled\improved area.

All boxes are required to be checked to indicate that they are included with the plans. For any items that are not applicable please mark N/A. This checklist is required to be submitted with the building permit application. By signing below the applicant indicates that they have read and understand the requirements for commercial\industrial permit submittal.

Signature: ________________________________Date: _____________________

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