Required Pool Inspections - Washington City Utah



  1. Log in to Builder Account on City Inspect to begin the new application process.
  2. Select ‘Pool’ for permit type.
  3. Complete all required fields on permit application:
  1. Make sure you add contacts for everyone you want to have access to the permit for inspections.
  2. Complete all applicable information for Engineer, Builder and Subcontractors including Washington City Business License number for Builder and all Subcontractors. (Contact the Washington City Recorder's Office directly for Business Licensing 435-656-6356)
  1. Builder info page - Complete “Builder Valuation” field.
  2. Permit Files\Attachments:
  1. Site Plan:

Overview of lot drawn to scale and showing (a) North Arrow, location of Street, and property address (b) lot size and dimensions (c) how pool is located on lot with dimensions from pool to property lines and structures (d) any easement on lot (e) identify pool fencing and gates per Washington City Code Title 4, Chapter 6, (f) all existing structures identified on lot (g) identify any existing retaining walls and fences        

  1. Final Plat:

A copy of the recorded final plat.

  1. Permit plans:  

Engineered lot specific pool plans with current engineer stamp, signed and dated.

  1. Soils Report:  

Pool Installation specific soils report if property is located in an area identified on the map “Subdivisions Requiring Soils Report For Pool Permit Map”. (See Below)(pdf available here)

  1. Additional Document:

If the pool layout is closer than 7.5’ from any property line, upload the Setback Request\Utility Easement Encroachment Form with all required approvals.

  1. When all information has been completed and all plan requirements uploaded, click ‘Submit Application’.

Subdivisions Requiring Soils Report for Pool Permit Map: (pdf available here)

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