Washington City Building Department

Permit Submittal Requirements\Information for Residential Additions:

  1. Log in to the Builder Account on the City Inspect systemto begin a new application process.
  2. Complete all required fields on permit application.

  1. Edit permit page:
  1. Select Addition for permit type
  2. Make sure you add contacts for everyone you want to have access to the permit for inspections, including name, email address and phone number.
  1. Builder information page:
  1. Complete all information for Engineer, Builder and Subcontractors including Washington City Business License number for Builder and all Subcontractors. Contact the Washington City Recorders office directly for Business Licensing. You can call (435) 656-6308 or email recorder@washingtoncity.org.
  1. If the homeowner is the Builder, enter homeowner information in the Builder section. Contractor license and business license are not required. The Owner Builder Certification form will need to be uploaded on the permit files page.
  1. Building information page - complete all applicable information in the fields provided

  1. Permit Files\Attachments-Upload all that apply:
  1. Site Plan - upload single page site plan only. Site plan requirements:
  1. Is drawn to scale;
  2. Includes a north arrow and legend; and
  3. Provides specifications for the following:
  1. How building is located on lot
  2. Lot size and dimensions
  3. Setbacks and overhangs for setbacks
  4. Easements
  5. Property lines
  6. Topographical details, if the slope of the lot is greater than 10%
  7. Retaining walls
  8. Hard surface areas
  9. Curb and gutter elevations as indicated in the subdivision documents
  10. Utilities, including water meter and sewer lateral location
  11. Street names
  12. Driveway locations
  13. Defensible space provisions and elevations, if required by the Utah Wildland Urban Interface Code adopted under Section 15A-2-103
  14. The location of the nearest hydrant
  1. A copy of the recorded Final Plat
  2. Permit Plans - Upload architectural drawings only.
  3. Structural Plans: Upload stamped structural drawings only.
  4. Structural Calculations: Upload complete structural calculations for this property.
  5. Truss Design Verification from Engineer: Upload stamped letter from Structural Engineer regarding truss calculations verifying review of truss engineering and their conformance with submitted plans.
  6. Truss Packet: Upload engineered truss details

  1. Owner Builder Declaration: Upload completed and notarized Owner Builder Certification form - only for permits that are Owner Builder

  1. Additional Documents: Use these fields to upload any additional documents needed for this permit. If there are none, these fields should be left blank.
  2. Accessory Dwelling Unit Deed Restriction: Upload a copy of the County Recorded Deed Restriction. This is required for all ADUs in Washington City (aka: Casita). The required form is on the website here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11DjNjahpiN0K_SguH-m_S0HSCctcQ33D/view

  1. When all information has been completed and all plan requirements uploaded, click Submit Permit.