Instructions to Create Mailing Labels for Public Noticing.

NOTE: This process uses a GIS tool that is maintained and supported by an outside organization, Washington County GIS, if you have issues please contact their GIS Department.

  1. Go to the URL:

  1. Click on OK on the main page in the middle of the Washington County informational narrative.
  2. Click on I want to
  3. Click on search for a subdivision.  In the right hand side menu a drop down box will appear that shows subdivisions and ability to see addresses within the county.
  4. Click on the I want to prompt again and scroll down to create mailing labels
  5. Click on Select parcels using a custom geometry on the right hand side
  6. Define your custom geometry by choosing one of the tools below, and selecting an area on the map.  This is done by clicking on the shape to create a mailing radius of 300 feet as per State of Utah law.   Follow the prompts and several options to create the labels or you can type in the 300 feet when prompted.
  7. The mailing labels populate and are ready to print.  Avery 5160 or off brand comparable labels are the correct format of labels to use.  

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