Mayor Ken Neilson - Washington City Utah

Mayor Ken Neilson

111 North 100 East
Washington City, UT 84780
(435) 656-6308
Elected: 2009
See Voting Record Here (Mayor votes to break tie)


Assignments and Committees:
    • -Community Education Channel (CEC)
    • -Community Celebrations & Events
    • -Dixie MPO Executive Council
    • -Economic Development/Business Advisory Committee
    • -Economic Development Council - St George Area
    • -Washington City Hiring Committee
    • -Washington City Power Board


Mayor Neilson has been in office since 2010. Married to Wendy for 35 years. Has 3 children and 3 granddaughters. Graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor Degree in Business Management and Marketing.

He thoroughly enjoys meeting with the citizens of his city and helping them to solve any issues they may have. Making a difference in people's lives his one of his great passions. He enjoys all sports but his favorites are golf, bicycling, basketball and softball.

Mayor Neilson's greatest priority is his family and knows the root source of all success begins with how well we treat our families, friends and communities. Every day is a great opportunity to do something positive, we should all look for ways to be of good influence to all we come in contact with..

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