Recreation, Arts, and Parks (“RAP”) Tax  

RAP Tax is a sales and use tax levied to fund Recreation, Arts, and Parks and for the support of cultural activities, such as art, music, theater, dance, cultural, or natural history.  The Washington City Council has established guidelines for the disbursement of these funds.  Either non-profit organizations/institutions, or a municipal or county cultural council having their primary purpose be the advancement and preservation of these types of activities may apply.  Non-profit organizations/institutions must submit a copy of the IRS letter of determination of 501(c)(3) status or similar IRS letter qualifying for the 501(c)(3).

RAP Tax applications are reviewed annually, with applications being accepted in March; the cut-off for application submission is the last business day in March by 5:00 P.M.  The applications will then go before the City Council for review at the next available Regular Meeting.

Apply here during open periods

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