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Burglary Prevention

Is your home safe while you are away? Your Washington City Police Department has come up with a checklist to help prevent burglaries in our city. Following a few of the suggestions on this list could possibly prevent your home or business from being burglarized and you becoming a victim.If possible install an alarm system into your home or business. If an alarm system is already installed be sure to advertise that the residence is monitored by some type of security system. (Have an audible siren as part of the system). Keep all shrubs and trees near your residence well maintained and trimmed down. Shrubs blocking windows and doors could create a cover for a burglar to hide. Keep the area around your home or business well lit. When leaving on vacation try to create the illusion that you are home, by using timers to turn on lights during the night hours. Never leave a house key in an obvious place such as a mailbox or under a doormat. Make sure all windows and doors are securely locked. When leaving your home do not leave your garage door cracked open. This could make your home easy access for a burglar.Avoid daily deliveries of mail, newspapers or flyers to build up while you are away. Make arrangements with neighbors to check for these items regularly. Do not leave valuable items in the front yard or in plain view of passers-by. Keep a list of valuable items in a secure area. The list should include the serial numbers, makes, and models of each item.

What to do if your home is broken into?

If a window or door is open do not enter the residence or business; the suspect may still be inside. Use a cell phone or a neighbors phone and contact the police (Police Dispatch (435)-634-5730). Do not touch anything inside the residence until police have inspected the area for evidence. Make a note of any suspicious persons that may be in the area, also write down license plate numbers of suspicious vehicles. Please join our TEAM and help maintain our elevated Quality of Life. Report all suspicious activity while it is occurring.

Police Department


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