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The Washington City Police Department will be working diligently on enforcing unsecured loads.  As a  community we need to do better to reduce the litter and debris that accumulates in our roadways and on the shoulders. This debris can be dangerous to other motorists and commuters. The city is working with the landfill and trash collecting companies to ensure that loads are secure when being transported to the landfill.  For reference here are the laws that will be enforced to encourage compliance and mitigate a dangerous hazard for the community.

72-7-409.  Loads on vehicles -- Limitations -- Confining, securing, and fastening load required -- Penalty.

(1)        As used in this section:

(a)        “Agricultural product” means any raw product which is derived from agriculture, including silage, hay, straw, grain, manure, and other similar products.

(b)        (i)        “Unsecured load” means the contents of a vehicle, operated on a highway, not sufficiently covered, confined, fastened, or otherwise secured in a way to prevent the contents from escaping the vehicle.

(ii)        “Unsecured load” includes materials such as dirt, sand, gravel, rock fragments, pebbles, crushed base, aggregate, any other similar material, or scrap metal or other loose material on any portion of the vehicle not designed to carry the material.

(c)        “Vehicle” means the same as that term is defined in Section 41-1a-102.

(2)        Except as provided in Subsections (3) through (5), a person may not:

(a)        operate a vehicle with an unsecured load on any highway; or

(b)        operate a vehicle carrying trash or garbage without a covering over the entire load.

(3)        (a)        A vehicle carrying dirt, sand, gravel, rock fragments, pebbles, crushed base, aggregate, any other similar material, or scrap metal shall have a covering over the entire load unless:

(i)        the highest point of the load does not extend above the top of any exterior wall or sideboard of the cargo compartment of the vehicle; and

(ii)        the outer edges of the load are at least six inches below the top inside edges of the exterior walls or sideboards of the cargo compartment of the vehicle.

Passenger vehicles:

72-7-409(6)(B)(I) - Infraction, Fine $260 if a crash occurs from the debris the fine is $690 and a B Misdemeanor

Commercial Vehicles:

72-7-409(6)(D)(I) - Infraction, Fine $510 for first offense and $1010 for the second offense.

Thank you for your efforts in keeping our roads safe and free from debris.

                 –Police Department

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