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Yard Sale Signs

Published Apr 7, 2022

Yard Sales are a piece of our culture and have been enjoyed for years by Americans. Our community’s climate makes it ideal for citizens to sell their excess treasures without the concern of inclement weather. Unfortunately there are some who would put the desire to advertise their yard sale above keeping our community attractive and litter free. While an occasional yard sale does not violate City ordinances, the posting of signs on public property does. Ordinance 9-18-14-J specifically prohibits attaching signs to public property such as light and power poles, connection boxes, sidewalks, stop signs or other traffic signs, or any other public property. Signs found to be in violation of this ordinance are impounded and the person responsible for the sign can be cited for a class C misdemeanor. We encourage citizens wishing to advertise their yard sale, post their signs on private property with permission from the owner, and then remove the sign as soon as the yard sale ends to avoid it becoming litter. There are also several other free or low cost avenues to advertise your sale on the internet and in print. If you would like to view the sign ordinance in its entirety please log on at and follow the links to the ordinance. We encourage you to continue the traditions that have been in our communities for a long time.  However, you must do it with accountability and be responsible.  Please help us maintain the Quality of Life that we all currently enjoy.

                 –Police Department

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