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Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Process

The Code Enforcement Office was created to enforce city, state, and federal laws that affect the standard of living in Washington City. These laws are generally either unknown or misunderstood.

  1. Resident or staff reports possible violation
  2. Property is scheduled for inspection. Health & safety issues are addressed immediately
  3. If a violation exists, a notice will be left on the door, a letter sent or contact made with resident giving a period of time to correct the violation.
  4. Property is re-inspected at the expiration of the time period.
  5. If the violation has not been corrected a citation may be issued. Failure to correct a violation is a misdemeanor and subject to fines.
  6. When a violation is resolved the case is closed.

The Code Compliance Office is dedicated to educating the public on its rights as citizens and its role as neighbors. If you have any questions please send an email to:        

 –Code Enforcement

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