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Expungement Process Description

In order to file an expungement the following steps must be taken:

Contact the Bureau of Criminal Identification at 801-965-4445 or obtain the forms at www.bci.utah.gov. You need the application for expungement.  Mail it with the appropriate fees.

They will send you a letter within 4-6 months letting you know if you are eligible to have an expungement.  If you are eligible you will sign and date a waiver form and send it back to BCI with any additional fees requested.  They will then send you a certificate of eligibility for each court you have a record in. This will usually come within 1-2 weeks.

You must take the certificate of eligibility to each court and request an expungement form from them.  You will then petition the court to expunge your record and pay the appropriate fee.  This may take several weeks because the judge and the prosecutor and sometimes a victim will all have to agree before an expungement order would be signed.  The expungement may also be declined at this point.

Once you have received the order of expungement signed off by the court you will need to file the paperwork with BCI and follow the instructions they give you.

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