Public Works - Irrigation Department

Washington City's Public Works Department handles the irrigation needs of the citizens.

Irrigation Districts:

The Washington City irrigation system consists of six districts or streams, the Sproul, Westover, Warmspring East, Warmspring West, Adair, and Tanner. These six streams originate from only four different sources.

The Warmspring East and West streams originate from a pond North of I-15 that is fed from an underground spring. This source is commonly known as the Boilers because the water bubbles up from the floor of the pond making the water appear as if it is boiling. The streams are known as the Warmsprings because of steam rising off of the water in winter.

The Sproul and the Westover streams also originate from a source North of I-15. These streams are combined as one stream from the source until they reach a splitter near the City Yard. At the splitter, half of the stream goes West and coincidentally is named after previous owners named Westover, the remainder continues down 300 East where it eventually ties in with the Adair stream.

The Adair Spring originates at the base of the hill on the East side of 200 East between 100 and 200 North. This stream produces approximately 99 gallons per minute.

The Tanner ditch originates from Millcreek and can produce 450 gallons per minute. The Tanner ditch is our highest producing stream.

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