Proposition 1 - 2016 Election Ballot

What is Proposition 1?

Prop 1 is a proposed 0.25% Sales Tax that will benefit transportation. (See Figure 1)

  • For every $4 spent, 1¢ is collected for transportation.
  • 0.15% goes to Washington County. (Approximately $436,635)
  • 0.10% goes to Washington City. (Approximately $311,108)
  • Food essentials (ie. grocery store food items) are not included in the sales tax
  • An estimated 60% of the new revenue will be contributed by tourist/visitor spending

Possible uses for funds

  • New roadways
  • Increased roadway capacity
  • Existing roadways
  • Pavement Preservation and Management
  • Trails, sidewalks, and bike paths
  • Transit Services

Washington City New & Existing Roadways that could benefit

  • Merrill Road
  • Purgatory Road
  • MP-11 New Interchange
  • Northern Corridor
  • 3650 South tie to Southern Parkway
  • Washington Fields Road Widening
  • Active Transportation Plan Improvements
  • Master Transportation Plan

Pavement Management & Preservation

Pavement Management can increase the longevity of a road investment.

Washington City currently has 138.85 miles of paved roads. This has increased on average 4.45 miles per year since 2004. While a new road has an RSL (Remaining Service Life) of 20 years, there are options to extend the RSL of a road. This is done through road treatments, surfacing, patching, and crack sealing and adds six years RSL per treatment to a road.

Pavement preservation pays off in both short and long term. Pavement preservation techniques include nonstructural preventive maintenance surface treatments such as slurry surfacing, crack sealing, chip sealing, micro surfacing, rejuvenation, hot and cold in-place recycling and thin-lift hot-mix asphalt paving

Pavement preservation methods prolong pavement life, avoiding high future costs of reconstruction or rehabilitation.

Experience shows that spending a dollar on pavement preservation can eliminate or delay spending $6 to $10 on future rehabilitation or reconstruction costs.

Additional Information

- Washington County has compiled some good information on their website:

- A Video Explaining Proposition 1

Figure 1: Current and Estimated Revenue:

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