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(2018) December 12th Council MeetingDecember 13, 2018City Council Meeting
(2018) December Public Safety: How To Prevent Vehicle Backing Accidents In A Few Easy StepsNovember 30, 2018Public Safety
(2018) December Police Department: Community Safety Zone & RoomNovember 30, 2018Police Department
(2018) December Mayor's Message: The Cost of Freedom Has Ever Been SacrificeNovember 30, 2018By Ken Neilson Mayor Washington City
(2018) Parks: Fall & Winter TipsNovember 30, 2018By Marilyn Wallis Parks Department Washington City
(2018) Planning Commission Member Seat OpeningNovember 30, 2018City Recorder Danice Bulloch
(2018) Recreation, Arts, And Parks TaxNovember 30, 2018City Recorder Danice Bulloch
(2018) December City Manager City SpotlightsNovember 30, 2018City Manager Roger Carter
(2018) November 28th Council MeetingNovember 29, 2018City Council Meeting
(2018) November 14th Council MeetingNovember 16, 2018City Council Meeting
(2018) November Mayor's Message: If We Seek To Do Good, You Will Find HappinessNovember 6, 2018By Ken Neilson Mayor Washington City
(2018) November Police Department: Holiday Safety TipsNovember 6, 2018
(2018) November City Manager City SpotlightsNovember 6, 2018City Manager Roger Carter
(2018) November Parks Department Cremation ServicesNovember 6, 2018Kole Staheli Leisure Services Assistant Director Parks & Recreation
(2018) October 10th Council MeetingOctober 11, 2018City Council Meeting
(2018) October National Council Against Domestic ViolenceOctober 4, 2018Police Department Victim Advocates Division
(2018) October Police Department: Halloween SafetyOctober 4, 2018Police Department
(2018) October Parks Department Gardening TipsOctober 4, 2018
(2018) October Mayor's Message: Good Done Anywhere Is Good Done EverywhereOctober 4, 2018By Ken Neilson Mayor Washington City
(2018) October Fire Prevention WeekOctober 4, 2018Washington City Fire Department
(2018) October Blind of Utah 5k Run/WalkOctober 4, 2018National Federation of The Blind Of Utah 5k Run/Walk RedRocksChapterNFBu@gmail.com
(2018) September 26th Council MeetingSeptember 27, 2018City Council Meeting
(2018) September Mayor's Message: We Have The Ability To Achieve What We WantSeptember 6, 2018By Ken Neilson Mayor Washington City
(2018) September Utilities Department Quick TipsSeptember 6, 2018Carie Bishop Utility Billing Technician
(2018) September Washington County Give Your Land A HandSeptember 6, 2018Jamie Bledsoe Admin Assistant Washington County
(2018) September Switchpoint Volunteer OpportunitySeptember 6, 2018Tesah Massey Switchpoint
(2018) September Parks Department Learn To AdaptSeptember 6, 2018Paul Christensen
(2018) September Lions Club Award & ThanksSeptember 6, 2018Rick Henrie Lions Club President
(2018) September Parks & Recreation Merger HappeningSeptember 6, 2018Kole Staheli Assistant Leisure Services Director Washington City Parks & Recreation
(2018) September Washington County Fair: People's Choice AwardSeptember 6, 2018Danice B. Bulloch MMC Recorder
(2018) September Pioneer Day Celebration Thank YouSeptember 6, 2018Pioneer Day Chairman Michael D. Eaton
(2018) Parks Help With Flood ControlAugust 6, 2018
(2018) August Mayor's Message: God Bless Our Great NationAugust 6, 2018By Ken Neilson Mayor Washington City
(2018) Population Up. Water Use Down.August 6, 2018By, Washington County
(2018) July 25th Council MeetingJuly 26, 2018City Council Meeting
(2018) August MP11 Interchange Environmental StudyJuly 25, 2018By, Horrocks Engineers
(2018) July 11th Council MeetingJuly 12, 2018City Council Meeting
(2018) July Parks Department: Making A DifferenceJuly 3, 2018Parks Department Washington City
(2018) Administrative Services: Enterprise Fund TransferJuly 3, 2018Administrative Services Kimberly Ruesch
(2018) July 24th Pioneer DayJuly 3, 2018Community Submitted Michael D. Eaton
(2018) July Mayor's Message: None of Us Really KnowJuly 3, 2018By Ken Neilson Mayor Washington City
(2018) July City Manager City SpotlightsJuly 3, 2018City Manager Roger Carter
(2018) Police Department: Summer Heat SafetyJuly 3, 2018Police Department
(2018) Lions Club: 4th of July CelebrationJuly 2, 2018Lions Club
(2018) June 27th Council MeetingJune 28, 2018City Council Meeting
(2018) June 13th Council MeetingJune 14, 2018City Council Meeting
(2018) Washington City Press Release: E Coli ClaimsJune 12, 2018Press Release SWU HEALTH Coli claims.
(2018) June Mayor's Message: Greatness Come From AppreciationJune 6, 2018By Ken Neilson Mayor Washington City
(2018) June City Recorder: Planning Commission Seat OpeningJune 6, 2018By Danice Bulloch City Recorder Washington City
(2018) June City Recorder: Recreation, Arts, And Parks TaxJune 6, 2018By Danice Bulloch City Recorder Washington City
(2018) June Youth Council: GraduationJune 6, 2018By Carmen Snow Youth Council Coordinator Washington City
(2018) June City SpotlightsJune 6, 2018City Manager Roger Carter
(2018) Lions Club: Join Us And Support The CommunityJune 6, 2018Lions Club
(2018) June Parks Department: Gardening TipsJune 6, 2018Parks Department Washington City
(2018) June Fire Department: Burn Season Has EndedJune 6, 2018Fire Department Burning Season Over
(2018) May 23rd Council MeetingMay 24, 2018City Council Meeting
(2018) May 9th Council MeetingMay 10, 2018City Council Meeting
(2018) Council's Corner: Available Information SourcesMay 4, 2018Steven Whittekiend Information Services Director steven@washingtoncity.org Kolene Granger Councilwoman kgranger@washingtoncity.org
(2018) May Fire Department: Burning WeedsMay 4, 2018Fire Department Burning Weeds
(2018) Police Department: Start By BelievingMay 4, 2018Police Department
(2018) Administrative Services: Budget InformationMay 4, 2018Budget Information Administrative Services Director Kimberly Ruesch
(2018) Parks Department: Cemetery ReminderMay 4, 2018Parks Department Washington City
(2018) May Mayor's Message: Seize The Moment And Take The SwingMay 4, 2018By Ken Neilson Mayor Washington City
(2018) Public Works: Road Slurry ProjectApril 3, 2018Public Works Road Slurry Project bbundy@washingtoncity.org
(2018) April Fire Department: Smoke AlarmsApril 2, 2018Fire Department Smoke Alarms
(2018) April Police Department: Daylight SavingsApril 2, 2018Police Department Daylight Savings
(2018) April Council Corner: Notification & DeliberationApril 2, 2018Kolene Granger Councilwoman
(2018) April Mayor's Message: Live The Life You DeserveApril 2, 2018By Ken Neilson Mayor Washington City
(2018) April City Manager City SpotlightsApril 2, 2018Economic Growth City Manager Roger Carter
(2018) Mar 28th Council MeetingMarch 29, 2018City Council Meeting
(2018) Mar 14th Council MeetingMarch 15, 2018City Council Meeting
Police Department: Yellow Flashing ArrowsMarch 5, 2018
(2018) Pillars of SuccessMarch 2, 2018Michael K. Carr, MS Washington County School District Support Services Coordinator  435-986-5167 
Parks: Grant RecievedMarch 2, 2018Paul Walker Parks Department
Mayor's Message: Without Challenges There Is No AchievementMarch 2, 2018By Ken Neilson Mayor Washington City
March City Manager City SpotlightsMarch 2, 2018City Manager Roger Carter
Active Transport: improving our quality of lifeMarch 2, 2018Kolene Granger Councilwoman kgranger@washingtoncity.org Audire Frehner Southwest Utah Public Health Department 435-986-2567
(2018) Feb 28th Council MeetingMarch 1, 2018City Council Meeting
(2018) Feb 14th Council MeetingFebruary 15, 2018City Council Meeting
Press Release 2018 Dixie Regional Transportation ExpoFebruary 12, 2018Dawn McLain, Write It Up! dawn@writeituponline.com
Police Department: Citizen AcademyFebruary 5, 2018Police Department
Lions Club: Scholarship AvailableFebruary 5, 2018
Parks: Winter PruningFebruary 5, 2018By Marilyn Wallis Parks Department Washington City
February City Manager City SpotlightsFebruary 5, 2018City Manager Roger Carter
Mayor's Message: People will never forget how you made them feelFebruary 5, 2018By Ken Neilson Mayor Washington City
(2018) Jan 24th Council MeetingJanuary 25, 2018City Council Meeting
Power Department: Retired Director AwardedJanuary 23, 2018Utah Policy LaVarr Webb lwebb@UtahPolicy.com 801.243.7601
Mayor's Message: Greatness Begins With KindnessJanuary 5, 2018By Ken Neilson Mayor Washington City
Fiscal Year 2017 AuditJanuary 5, 2018Finance Department By, Kimberly Ruesch
January City SpotlightsJanuary 5, 2018City Manager Roger Carter
Getting Your Garden Ready For The New YearJanuary 5, 2018By Marilyn Wallis Parks Department Washington City
Senior Corps Volunteer & Client ProgramDecember 6, 2017By, Senior Corps
Mayor's Message: Old Too Soon & Wise Too LateDecember 5, 2017By Ken Neilson Mayor Washington City
Recreation, Arts, And Parks TaxDecember 5, 2017City Recorder Danice Bulloch
City SpotlightsDecember 5, 2017City Manager Roger Carter
Where Do My Property Tax Dollars GoDecember 5, 2017Finance Department By, Kimberly Ruesch
Parks: Volunteer RecognitionNovember 2, 2017By Marilyn Wallis Parks Department Washington City
Lions Club: What do you know about us?November 2, 2017The Lions Club
Holiday Safety TipsNovember 2, 2017By Jim Guynn Fire Marshall Washington City Fire Department
The Angel Tree: Help Those In NeedNovember 2, 2017By Krystal Lake Washington City Fire Department

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