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(2023-September) Church Community Service Parks ProjectSeptember 7, 2023Local Church Groups
(2023-September) Mayor's Message: Water Efficient Landscape ProgramSeptember 7, 2023Mayor's Message
(2023-September) Council's Corner: Protecting The Reputation of Washington CitySeptember 7, 2023Council's Corner
(2023-September) Public Works Department: Only Rain In The Storm DrainSeptember 7, 2023Public Works
(2023-September) Power Department: Window AC Units Can Cost More Than You ThinkSeptember 7, 2023Power Department
(2023-September) Police Department: Tips To Help Prevent Car TheftSeptember 7, 2023Police Department
(2023-September) Fire Department: 9/11 Stair ChallengeSeptember 7, 2023Fire Department
(2023-September) Lions Club: We Need Your Help!September 7, 2023Lions Club
(2023-August) Mayor's Message: Lions RoarAugust 3, 2023Mayor's Message
(2023-August) Council's Corner: Building A Proseperous & Vibrant CommunityAugust 3, 2023Council's Corner
(2023-August) Parks & Recreation Department: Best of StateAugust 3, 2023Parks & Recreation
(2023-August) Power Department: Helpful Information About Solar PowerAugust 3, 2023Power Department
(2023-August) Fire Department: Road Safety Is ImportantAugust 3, 2023Fire Department
(2023-August) Police Department: School Time SafetyAugust 3, 2023Police Department
(2023-August) Lions Club: Thank You!August 3, 2023Lions Club
(2023-July) Mayor's Message: Prioritizing Public SafetyJuly 6, 2023Mayor's Message
(2023-July) Council's Corner: Reflections on Liberty & CommunityJuly 6, 2023Council's Corner
(2023-July) Public Works Department: Responsible Use of Storm Drains & Septic SystemsJuly 6, 2023Public Works
(2023-July) Parks & Recreation Department: Important Firework Safety NoticeJuly 6, 2023Parks & Recreation
(2023-July) Washington City: Pioneer Day July 24thJuly 6, 2023Washington City
(2023-July) Power Department: Keep Your Electrical Meter AccessibleJuly 6, 2023Power Department
(2023-July) Fire Department: Fire & Fireworks SafetyJuly 6, 2023Fire Department
(2023-July) Historical Museum: Information & NeedsJuly 6, 2023Historical Museum
(2023-July) Lions Club: Pioneer Day Celebrtion & MoreJuly 6, 2023Lions Club
(2023-June) Washington City: Wheels Park GroundbreakingJune 9, 2023Public Affairs
(2023-June) Mayor's Message: Open and Public Meetings ActJune 8, 2023Mayor's Message
(2023-June) Council's Corner: Let Us Treat Others With KindnessJune 8, 2023Council's Corner
(2023-June) City Recorder: Recreation, Arts, & Park ("RAP") TaxJune 8, 2023City Recorder
(2023-June) Power Department: Keep Your Electrical Systems Stress FreeJune 8, 2023Power Department
(2023-June) Fire Department: Swimming SafetyJune 8, 2023Fire Department
(2023-June) Public Works Department: Only Rain In The Storm DrainsJune 8, 2023Public Works
(2023-June) Economic Development: Wallethub Ranks Washington City #1 AgainJune 8, 2023Economic Development
(2023-June) Water Department: AMI Smart Metering Signup NowJune 8, 2023Water Department
(2023-June) Washigton City Youth Council: Thank You!June 8, 2023Washington City Youth Council
(2023-June) Lions Club: 4th of JulyJune 8, 2023Lion's Club
(2023-May) Mayor's Message: Under A Shade TreeMay 5, 2023Mayor's Message
(2023-May) Council's Corner: Shaping The FutureMay 5, 2023Council's Corner
(2023-May) Fire Department: Safety TipsMay 5, 2023Fire Department
(2023-May) City Recorder: Notice Of Election Filing For CandidacyMay 5, 2023City Recorder
(2023-May) City Recorder: Planning Commission Member Seat OpeningMay 5, 2023City Recorder
(2023-May) Police Department: Keep Homes SafeMay 5, 2023Police Department
(2023-May) UDOT: I15 Washington ConstructionMay 5, 2023UDOT
(2023-May) Power Department: Balloon SafetyMay 5, 2023Power Department
(2023-May) Lions Club: Adopt A Road ProjectMay 5, 2023Lions Club
(2023-Apr) Mayor's Message: You're Invited To Cotton DaysApril 4, 2023Mayor's Message
(2023-Apr) Council's Corner: Utah Legislative Session Recap 2023April 4, 2023Council's Corner
(2023-Apr) Water Department: Smart Meter UpgradeApril 4, 2023Water Department
(2023-Apr) Power Department: Spring CleaningApril 4, 2023Power Department
(2023-Apr) Fire Department: HydrantsApril 4, 2023Fire Department
(2023-Apr) Parks Department: A Friendly ReminderApril 4, 2023Parks Department
(2023-Apr) Lions Club: Events & ScholarshipApril 4, 2023Lions Club
(2023-Mar) Mayor's Message: Spring Into ParksMarch 7, 2023Mayors Message
(2023-Mar) Council's Corner: Shaping The FutureMarch 7, 2023Councils Corner
(2023-Mar) Power Department: Backup GeneratorsMarch 7, 2023Power Department
(2023-Mar) Water Department: Smart Meter UpgradesMarch 7, 2023Water Department
(2023-Mar) Washigton City Youth Council: UpdatesMarch 7, 2023Washington City Youth Council
(2023-Mar) Lions Club: Items of Interest For The CommunityMarch 7, 2023The Lions Club
(2023-Mar) Washington County Water Conservancy District: $2 Per Square Foot RebateMarch 7, 2023Washington City Water Conservancy District
(2023-Feb) Family Leadership ProclimationFebruary 10, 2023Family Leadership Proclimation
(2023-Feb) Mayor's Message: Main Street InterchangeFebruary 3, 2023Mayor's Message
(2023-Feb) Council's Corner: Make Positive ChangesFebruary 3, 2023Council's Corner
(2023-Feb) Washigton City Youth Council: Applications WantedFebruary 3, 2023Washington City Youth Council
(2023-Feb) Police Department: Be Mindful of Your Road DebrisFebruary 3, 2023Police Department
(2023-Feb) Power Department: House Numbers Are ImportantFebruary 3, 2023The Power Department
(2023-Feb) Lions Club: Upcoming Service ProjectsFebruary 3, 2023The Lions Club
(2023-Jan) Mayor's Message: Community Focused PolicingJanuary 6, 2023
(2023-Jan) Council's Corner: Help Others And Preserve Our Small-town AtmosphereJanuary 6, 2023
(2023-Jan) Fire Department: What's New In The Department?January 6, 2023Fire Department
(2023-Jan) Code Enforcement: The Code Enforcement ProcessJanuary 6, 2023Code Enforcement
(2023-Jan) Animal Welfare: Dog LicensingJanuary 6, 2023Animal Welfare
(2023-Jan) Power Department: Annual Tree TrimmingJanuary 6, 2023The Power Department
(2023-Jan) Lions Club: Come Join UsJanuary 6, 2023The Lions Club
(2023-Jan) The Rotary Club: Service Above SelfJanuary 6, 2023The Rotary Club
(2023-Jan) Washington City Community Concert Band: We Need YouJanuary 6, 2023Washington City Community Concert Band
(2022-Dec) Mayor's Message: Christmas Wish ListDecember 7, 2022
(2022-Dec) Council's Corner: A Time For ReflectionDecember 7, 2022
(2022-Dec) Police Department: Holiday Safety TipsDecember 7, 2022
(2022-Dec) Power Department: 13 Winter Energy Saving TipsDecember 7, 2022
(2022-Dec) Lions Club: Thank You CommunityDecember 7, 2022
(2022-Nov) Mayor's Message: Get Healthy UtahNovember 4, 2022Kress Staheli Mayor Washington City
(2022-Nov) Council's Corner: Inflation-You're Not AloneNovember 4, 2022By Kurt ivie Council Member Washington City
(2022-Nov) Power Department: Replace Christmas Lighs With LEDs?November 4, 2022Power Department
(2022-Nov) Washigton City Youth Council: UpdatesNovember 4, 2022Washington City Youth Council
(2022-Nov) Lions Club: Lets Think of OthersNovember 4, 2022The Lions Club
(2022-Oct) Washington City Press Release: Ironman IncidentOctober 31, 2022Press Release
(2022-Oct) Mayor's Message: A Lasting ImpactOctober 5, 2022Kress Staheli Mayor Washington City
(2022-Oct) Council's Corner: Cultivate The FutureOctober 5, 2022By Ben Martinsen Council Member Washington City
(2022-Oct) City Recorder Recreation, Arts, and Park TaxOctober 5, 2022City Recorder Tara Pentz
(2022-Oct) Power Department: Energy TipOctober 5, 2022Power Department
(2022-Oct) Lions Club: Help Us Adopt-A-RoadOctober 5, 2022The Lions Club
(2022-Oct) Washigton City Youth Council: Need Your HelpOctober 5, 2022Washington City Youth Council
(2022-Sept) Mayor's Message: A Name to be Proud ofSeptember 7, 2022Kress Staheli Mayor Washington City
(2022-Sept) Power Department: Keep Electric Meters CleanSeptember 7, 2022Power Department
(2022-Sept) Parks Department: Fall TipsSeptember 7, 2022Parks Department
(2022-Sept) Lions Club: Help Us Adopt-A-HighwaySeptember 7, 2022The Lions Club
(2022-Aug) Washington City Press Release: Public Works DirectorAugust 24, 2022Washington City
(2022-Aug) Mayor's Message: Undertakings of NecessityAugust 5, 2022Kress Staheli Mayor Washington City
(2022-Aug) Council's Corner:Grateful For The Past And The FutureAugust 5, 2022By Bret Henderson Council Member Washington City
(2022-Aug) Police Department: School Time Safety!August 5, 2022Washington City Police Department
(2022-Aug) Power Department: Electric VehiclesAugust 5, 2022Power Department

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